Saturday, 16 February 2013

Dream On by Bali Rai

All of Bali Rai's books are worth reading, but some of them are more suitable for secondary school children. However, Dream On is a great story for anyone who has ever dreamed of being a professional footballer. To be honest, I don't think that there are many children that I have taught who haven't!

Baljit, the main character, works for his father in the local fish and chip shop, which doubles up as an Indian take-away. He is an extremely talented footballer, but his father will only allow him to play twice a week, on a Wednesday and on a Saturday. When he is called up for a Thursday evening trial at Leicester City, he realises that he cannot pass up such an amazing opportunity to fulfil his dream. Baljit lies, and tells his family that he is going on a school trip to the Science Museum...

This is a very short book, about eighty pages or so. I found it extremely easy to read, and so enjoyable that I read it at one sitting. I think you might too! Baljit and his friends are great characters, and even though you don't have much time to get to know them, you will find yourself really caring about what happens to them all by the end of the book.

Highly recommended.

One other thing to mention, the author of this story is a huge Liverpool fan. Because the book has now been around for ten years or so, a couple of Liverpool players get a mention who you've probably never heard of. When you are reading the book, I would suggest replacing Emil Heskey with Luis Suarez, and Michael Owen with Daniel Sturridge. (I have a feeling that this comment might need updating again next season). If you want to learn more about Emil Heskey and Michael Owen, who were both fantastic when they were at their very best, have a look on YouTube!

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  1. Bali Rai is an awesome author!!

  2. What other Bali Rai books should I read? I am eleven years old.