Saturday, 29 November 2014

We're Going On A Bear Hunt read by Anna (age 3)

Friday, 28 November 2014

Ten word book reviews

Writing a book review in ten words is not as easy as you think!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
Funny, sad. Poor boy. Golden Ticket. Brilliant book! Oompa Loompas.

The Busker by Paul Jennings
Emotional, inspiring. Animal cruelty. Traumatising. Touching. Sad. Awesome. Happy ending.

Koala Calamity by Jonathan Meres
Funny. Amazing. Rescue missing sister. Laughing lots! Hilarious. Dude, Bro.

Spy Dog by Andrew Cope
Awesome. Evil criminals. Funny! Amazing animals. Bike riding.

Elmer and the Hippos by David McKee
Book was fun. Good words. Great pictures. Imaginative. Very enjoyable.

Stitch Head by Guy Bass
Rising from the dead. Horror. Laboratory. Imagination. Little boy. Urrghh!

Beast Quest by Adam Blade
Boy knight. Fights a dragon. Scary ending and shocking. Wow!

Horrid Henry's Royal Riot by Alexia
Rude. Moody Margaret. Annoying little brother. Funny and naughty. Unfair.

The Complete Adventures of Charlie and Mr Willy Wonka by Roald Dahl
Chocolatey. Mouth-watering. Description. Imaginative writer. Factory. Tickets. Wonderful story. Elevator.

Poetry is not Pants by Craig Bradley
Cool. Lots of emotions. Wonderful poetry. Some funny, some sad.

Survival Squad: Out of Bounds by Jonathan Rock
Inspiring. Interesting survival facts. Amazing ending. Traumatic. Encouraging and supporting.

Dirty Bertie: Smash by David Roberts and Alan Macdonald
Dirty Bertie wins a prize. His friend wins a prize.

The Bewilderbats by Tom Blofeld
Really scary, funny, spooky. Lots of bats! Silly. Adventurous. Wonderful.

4JB audio book reviews by Bailey, Jack, Maddie, Reuben and Oliver

Books Reviewed

Horrid Henry's Nightmare by Francesca Simon

Fortunately The Milk by Neil Gaiman

Harald Hardnut by Tony Bradman

The Abominators by JL Smith

Survival Squad: Out Of Bounds by Jonathan Rock

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Monster Snowman by Gillian Cross

Jack, Ryan and Sam have built the biggest, scariest snowman in the world. Jack thinks it will be funny to give the snowman a phone. Later that night, they receive a strange text which says 'Come out and play with me'. Surely it can't be from the snowman? Or can it?

This book is a lovely book to give to people who like scary books. It terrified me at the end but I can't tell you why. Do you like being scared? If you do, then you must read this book. I have asked the school library to get some more books by Gillian Cross as she writes very scary (but not too scary) books for children.

by Rose

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Creative Writing by Gervase Phinn

This is a wonderful poem by Gervase Phinn. You can find out more about him and his books at

My story on Monday began:
  Mountainous seas crashed on the cliffs,
  And the desolate land grew wetter ...
The teacher wrote a little note: Remember the capital letter!

My poem on Tuesday began:
  Red tongues of fire,
  Licked higher and higher
  From smoking Etna's top ...
The teacher wrote a little note: Where is your full stop?

My story on Wednesday began:
  Through the lonely, pine-scented wood
  There twists a hidden path ...
The teacher wrote a little note: Start a paragraph!

My poem on Thursday began:
  The trembling child,
  Eyes dark and wild,
  Frozen midst the fighting ...
The teacher wrote a little note: Take care - untidy writing!

My story on Friday began:
  The boxer bruised and bloody lay,
  His eye half closed and swollen ...
The teacher wrote a little note: Use a semi-colon!

Next Monday my story will begin:
  Once upon a time...

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Leah reads The Solar System Tour

2015 Annuals

We have been looking at some 2015 annuals. Here are our reviews. More are coming soon!

Jacqueline Wilson annual

This annual is fabulous. It's creative as well. She writes wonderful, funny books. She sits by herself to write her stories, which is a bit like me, but I don't get mine published. She si a very kind lady. Jacquelines Wilson loves finding memories of her family and friends and putting them into her stories. You should definitely buy this annual if you like any of her books.


Match annual

I think that the Match annual is good because it tells you lots of facts. One of the facts is that Man United and Wales legend Ryan Giggs was Gareth Bale's hero when he was growing up. The book is good because it has pictures of footballers with some information about them. I was mainly interested in page 14 and 15 because it tells you all about the injuries that Gareth Bale has had in his career. Gareth Bale is a terrific player, and there is a picture of him and his wife. In the book, Cristiano Ronaldo is in a cartoon and he is playing bowling. It tells you what the score will be in the next game.


Star Wars annual

This books is for people who like puzzles and mazes. It also tells you useful information about all of the movies and about the new on which is out next year.


Friday, 7 November 2014

Maddie reads This Is The Classroom by Craig Bradley

Sumaya reads Boomerang by Craig Bradley