Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Zeus To The Rescue by John Dougherty

ZEUS TO THE RESCUE is a great book and very funny most of the way through. It is a book all about a boy who built a temple in a History lesson in his school. He then made a huge Greek god appear out of nowhere. The boy then called him out for the second time...

In the first book he causes lot of trouble turning into animals of all different kinds. I reccomend you read the first one first which is called Zeus On The Loose.
I think this book is suitable for all ages!!

Review by Alec.

Ben's Suggest-a-book Page

Hi, I'm Ben. I'm starting a page where people can suggest books that they think I should read. I'll keep in touch with updates. My favourite type of book to read would be HORROR! The type of books I wouldn't normally read are fairy tales. If you want me to read the book, just comment below with the book name.

Thanks. Ben

Farm Boy by Michael Morpurgo

Farm Boy is a story about a little boy and his Grandpa. At the back of the barn an old tractor called the Forton stood there covered in corn sacks. When the little boy visited his grandpa, he pulled the sacks off  and climbed on top of it and started to pretend to plough fields.

His Grandpa's father lived in Iddesleigh. He met his wife Maisie and then had (as you know) Grandpa. In the stables they kept two horses called Joey and Zoey. They were his pride and joy, they helped him plough everyday.

One day they had a competition against a tracter at ploughing. Half way through the race the tracter broke down and the horses were in the running to win the competition. Then it was fixed and they fell behind. Like a miracle, the tracter fell into a ditch and in no time at all the horses had won!


By Olivia R, Year 6.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Horrible Science- House Of Horrors

I love this book. It is so good, it is so gruesome! If  you are in to gruesome things, then this is the book for you. It is very interesting and I have learnt a lot about house horrors. When I told my mum about living room terrors, she instantly started cleaning!

Reviewed by Caylan.

Walter Tull Scrapbook by Michaela Morgan

Walter Tull Scrapbook is about a man called Walter Tull, who was the first black man to play for Spurs Football team, as well as the first black British officer in the war. 

His mother died two weeks before his 7th birthday. Walter's dad died of a heart attack on 10th December 1897. Walter lived at 51 Walton Street, Hythe, Folkstone, England. Walter Tull had four brothers and one sister. They all went to North Board Black Bull School. It took him 1 minute to walk to school. His brother Eddie took half a minute as he had longer legs.

Walter's dad came from Barbados. When he traveled to England on a ship, he was a ship's carpenter. After Walter's mum died, his dad married again and Walter had a stepmother. They had a baby girl called Miriam.

This book was brilliant to read and I learned so much from it. He was a very brave man and a real hero.

Reviewed by Olivia R.

The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas by David Almond

This book is so good! I like the bit where Stanley gets a new family and he goes to a funfair to run a stall.

The book is about Stanley's uncle who is obsessed with fish, so he decided to make a fish factory in Stanley's home. Stanley has to sleep in a cupboard, but one day an inspector came and said "You can't run a fish factory in a house!" His uncle got upset, so then Stanley got a new family.

Review by Caylan.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas by David Almond

Reviewed by Abbie and Courtney, Year 5.

This book is about a boy who is named Stanley Potts who swam with piranhas!

The front cover

The story begins with well.... Stanley!

His parents died in a terrible accident and he now lives with his Aunt Annie and Uncle Ernie Potts! His uncle lost his job at a factory and has an idea which turns their lives upside down. FISH CANNING! so they start a business called Potts Perfect Pilchards . Then the local circus comes to town and Stanley Potts decides to save all the little goldfish at the hook-a-duck stall. But he is made an offer which will change his life forever!

Whilst all this is happening, back at the house trouble is stirring! Stanley's Uncle Ernie has been caught fish-canning because of all his machines making noise!

This book is perfect for people like funny, eventful books with happy endings.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tom Gates Genius Ideas (Mostly) by Liz Pichon

A book review about Tom Gates, Genius Ideas.

Tom Gates is the funniest book series of all time. Tom Gates books are created by L. Pichon. She writes in kid's style so for example, if it is a word like exciting it would be bold, but if it was a sad word the writing would be small like that :)

If you read this book without laughing there is something wrong with you! The text is so hilarious I lost my laugh :o. There is nothing I can doubt about this book, I liked everything about it. If I could, I would read it and read it all the time.

Hero On A Bicycle by Shirley Hughes

Reviewed by Laura and Segovia.

All about Hero On A Bicycle.

Hero On A Bicycle is set in Italy in World War 2.Paolo, aged 13, is a kid and his mum helps in the war sometimes. What she would do is take army soldiers and hide them in her cellar. The boy would cycle at night time and come back in the morning, but he wasnt allowed to. His older sister is Costanz and she falls in love with one of the soldiers. It is a really exciting book and you never really know what is going to happen.

This is the author, Shirley Hughes.
Shirley Hughes

It was a very good book to read, also it was very interesting. We rated it 10 out of 10.

Walter Tull Scrapbook by Michaela Morgan

Written by: Michaela Morgan
About: Walter Tull

Walter Tull is a HERO of our time. He went from playing a kickaround with his friends, to playing for Tottenham Hotspur and then a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y to the army, becoming the first black officer. And a lance sergeant! This tells you about the traumas and lovely times that have bobbed up in his life. So many things are can be learnt and many truthful thoughts!

I rate it 9.5/10.

Reviewed by Caitlyn.

Walter Tull Scrapbook by Michaela Morgan

Review by Alex.

Learn about a hero of the past as you find out about Walter Tull in this amazing book. If you have an obsession with football in World War 1, then this is the book for you.

It starts when Walter was a kid. His Mum died and his Dad died from a heart attack, so he and his Brother and sisters went to an orphanage. He became the first black footballer and the first black officer in the army.

I've read it and gave it 8.5/10 but what do you think?

Friday, 18 January 2013

Message from John Dougherty

Dear everyone,


I've never been a Patron of Reading before. Not many people have - it's quite a new idea, you know. I suppose that means you've never had a Patron of Reading, either, so it's a new experience for both of us. Well, all of us - I'm assuming there's more than just one of you.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and your school. I've had a look at your book blog, and I hope you'll have a look at my website and maybe read some of my books, so that we'll know a bit about one another by the time I come to visit you. I've got some ideas about how what I can do as your Patron of Reading, but maybe some of you will have some ideas too. Please let me know!

Right - I've got a book to finish writing before the end of the month, so I'd better get back to work. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Very best wishes

John Dougherty

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Patron Of Reading- John Dougherty

Very exciting news! The children’s author, John Dougherty, has agreed to become our school’s ‘Patron Of Reading’. It is a great new idea that will hopefully get everyone in school reading lots more books!

John will be visiting the school in a few weeks to work with all the classes. He will also let us know what he's up to by sending us emails and video messages. We will get to find out about the new books he is writing, and what books he loves reading. John also writes lots of poems and songs. You can find out more about John at his website.

He will be putting a message up here very soon, so watch out for it! If you have a question for John, post it on the blog below and he'll make sure you get an answer.

John Dougherty

Some of John's books

Blue Peter book awards

The children of West Earlham Junior School are extremely excited at being one of only ten schools in the whole country chosen to judge this year’s Blue Peter Book Awards. Over forty children from Year 5 and 6 are currently working their way through the amazing list of books, getting ready to vote for their favourites at the end of February. The results will be announced live on Blue Peter in March. The shortlists are below- it's going to be an extremely tough choice! To learn more about the awards, visit the Blue Peter website.

Best story shortlist

Hero on a Bicycle by Shirley Hughes
In extraordinary circumstances people are capable of extraordinary things. It is 1944 and Nazi German forces have occupied Florence in Italy.  The Italian resistance movement has not given up hope and neither have Paolo and his sister, Constanza.  Both are desperate to fight the occupation, but what can two siblings do against a whole army with only a bicycle to help them?
The Boy who Swam with Piranhas by David Almond
Stanley Potts is just an ordinary boy, but when all the jobs in Fish Quay disappear, his Uncle Ernie develops an extraordinary fascination with canning fish.  Suddenly their home is filled with the sound of clanging machinery and the stench of mackerel. 
Uncle Ernie's obsession reaches such heights that he would even can Stan's beloved goldfish!  Stan, however, has his own destiny which leads him to the famous Pancho Pirelli, the blue-caped madman who swims with piranhas.  As Stan delves into the waters, he finally discovers who he really can be.
Tom Gates: Genius Ideas (Mostly) by L. Pichon
It’s nearly time for the school Sports Day and everyone is getting very competitive. Tom’s teacher, the beady-eyed Mr Fullerman, is desperate for his class to win their race and has them all practicing hard. Even Tom’s dad has started training like mad for the Dads' Race – but does he have to do so in BLUE CYCLING SHORTS?!  And speaking of embarrassing family members – why on earth is Delia’s hair bright green?
Poor Tom would much rather be playing the guitar with his band, Dog Zombies. The school Talent Show is coming up, and he is desperate to become a proper rock star.  But will they actually get a chance to play this time or will Tom’s plans be thwarted by the measly Marcus Meldrew?  Find out in the fourth book of the multi-award-winning Tom Gates series!

Best book with facts shortlist

Horrible Science: House of Horrors by Nick Arnold and Tony De Saulles.Is your bedroom clean or messy?  Are you a slob or a clean-freak?  However you feel about cleaning your room, this book will have you running for cover when you find out about what lives in your carpet! House of Horrors, the latest in the Horrible Science series of books, lifts the lid on the disgusting details of domestic life and even features a pouch of squishy realistic- looking maggots on the front cover…  Yuck!
Fantastic Mr Dahl by Michael Rosen,
Every book fan knows the work of Roald Dahl.  From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to The Twits, Fantastic Mr Fox and George’s Marvellous Medicine, his books have entertained generations of readers.  But just how did Mr. Dahl get into writing and where did he get his ideas from?
Michael Rosen - poet, radio presenter and former Children's Laureate, answers these and many more questions in his biography of the world's number 1 storyteller.  Full of funny stories from Roald Dahl's school days and family life, the book creates a vivid picture of one of the most  famous children's writers of all time.
Walter Tull’s Scrapbook by Michaela Morgan 
The true story of Walter Tull: star footballer and war hero.  When he joined the Footballers' Battalion during the First World War, Tull’s leadership and courage won him a commission and a recommendation for the Military Cross.  However, Walter wasn't just a great footballer and British officer.  He was also black, at a time when the rulebook stated that only white men could become army officers.
From Walter's childhood in an orphanage, through his footballing years at Tottenham Hotspur, to the Western Front; this fictionalized scrapbook uses actual photos, documents and records from the time, to bring alive a man who lived outside the limitations of his age.  

Friday, 11 January 2013

George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl

This is a book about a boy called George who lives wih his family, including his mean Grandma. She is always unkind to George when his parents go out. George decides to make a nasty medicine for his Grandma and puts in a whole list of revolting things, including shampoo, brown paint and animal pills. Grandma takes the medicine and starts to grow to a ridiculous size.
I liked this book because it had a good adventure and was funny. My favourite bit was when the medicine went wrong and Grandma shrunk so much that she disappeared. I think that this book would be enjoyed by people who like Roald Dahl and funny books. Other Roald Dahl books you might like are Matilda, Fantastic Mr Fox and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Reviewed by Alisha.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Demon Hunter (an iHorror book)

Reviewed by Darcey and Ben. H

This book is a hit book in the series of iHorror adventures. This is a 'choose your fate, fight your fears' adventure. In order to survive you must pass difficult challenges. You might face choices that your life depends on. This book is rated for ages 9-15. Our favourite parts are when you have to either shoot yourself or let the whole town die.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (The Ugly Truth) by Jeff Kinney

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (The Ugly Truth) is a great book, because it has humour and not many books have that! Also Diary Of A Wimpy Kid has many sequels.

Here's the blurb!

Greg Heffley has always been in a hurry to grow up. But is getting older really all is cracked up to be? Suddenly Greg is dealing with pressures of boy-girl parties, increased responsibilities, and even the awkward changes that come with getting older. And after a big fight with his best friend Rowley,it looks like Greg is going to have to face the "Ugly Truth" all by himself...

Wasn't that a descriptive blurb? Usually it's just a few lines, and ruins the whole story.