Monday, 4 February 2013

The Phenomenals by F.E. Higgins

This is a fantasy story set in the city of Degringolade. It is about four people (Vincent, Folly, Citrine and Jonah) who all meet up and end up in lots of problems and adventures.

I thought this book was very good. It was quite confusing to start with because there were lots of made-up words, but I enjoyed trying to work out what they might mean. I liked all the main characters, but my favourite was Jonah (the brute) because he used to say and do funny things. My favourite bit of the story was when Citrine (the rich girl) was rescued from being hanged, that was really exciting to read. I think I would have improved it by having the four characters meet up earlier in the book, because it was nearly at the end before they got together. I am looking forward to reading the next book about these people, now that they are friends. The city where the adventure happened would be a horrible place to live.
I would give the book four stars out of five because it was exciting in a lot of places.

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  1. This is an alright book. I read all of it but towards the end it got a bit boring in couple of places. I would recommend this book if you're into technology and science. There are some exciting bits in it too, although it is a bit complicated to follow. it's not my type of book but I think there a lot of people who will like it.