Saturday, 16 February 2013

Bansi O'Hara And The Bloodline Prophecy by John Dougherty

Bansi O'Hara is the daughter of an Irish father and and Indian mother. She travels with her family to Ireland to visit Granny O'Hara but, very early on in her holiday, she finds out that she is part of a terrifying ancient prophecy. Her parents are kidnapped and Bansi has to work together with a small band of faeries to ensure that the evil schemes of the Lord of the Dark Sidhe are not fulfilled. The odds are stacked against her on almost every page...

This book was a pleasure to read. It wastes very little time in getting stuck into the action and is often quite frightening. It is also extremely funny in places, especially during the arguments that occur (regularly) between Granny O'Hara and her best friend. If you enjoy fantasy books or ancient myths, you would definitely enjoy this. The sequel is already out (and available in our classroom!)

Book cover image for Bansi O’Hara and the Bloodline Prophecy

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