Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge

This is an awesome book! It will take you a long time to read (almost 500 pages) but it is definitely worth it.

Neverfell, a mysterious young girl, lives in the underground city of Caverna with Grandible, a master cheese maker. She has no idea of where she is from or who her family are. The residents of Caverna are unlike other people because they are unable to show any emotion on their faces and have to be trained how to do this by Facesmiths. However, Neverfell is different because her face always shows exactly what she is feeling. Why is Neverfell so special? Why is she wanted dead by so many people? It the Kleptomancer all he appears to be? This book has so many mysteries that need solving.

You would probably enjoy this book most if you are in Year 7 or 8, as some of the words are quite tricky for Year 6 children. You must also concentrate quite hard to follow the story, as there are lots of characters, and nobody is quite who they seem to be.

Seven things we love about A Face Like Glass:
1) The cover. It is beautiful!
2) Neverfell's secret helpers. We enjoyed trying to work out who the people are who are sending her mysterious notes and messages.
3) The idea that perfumes and cheeses can be used to change the future and alter people's memories.
4) The chapter where Neverfell is captured by the Enquirers. It is so exciting!
5) Predicting who the mysterious Madame Appeline is, and why she wants Neverfell so badly.
6) Neverfell's plan at the end of the story. She is so clever to have thought of it.
7) The Cartographers. The map-makers of the city who have all gone completely mad...or so it seems.

We are now reading Twilight Robbery, which is another great book by Frances Hardinge.

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