Thursday, 18 October 2012

Horrid Henry Rocks by Francesca Simon

Reviewed by Alex

Horrid Henry Rocks is an awesome book filled with laughter and horridness. Horrid Henry wants to be a rock star but his parents won't let him. He sneaks off to the opening for the Killer Boys Rats, a new  band. Then they notice he's a kid, but they let him be the drummer. Read it then if you like it, it's also the author of the month in the West Earlham library.


  1. If your lookin for humor and somebody in thier underpants the read captain underpants for lauhgs and humour

    reviewed by Sean Innes

    1. I'm going to get you back, Sean.

  2. This book is great for girls and boys because it makes you wonder what it would be like to do it in real life!

    commenter: Olivia Richardson