Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Operation Code-Cracker by John Townsend

My name is Tyler and I am the official reviewer of John Townsend books at my school. as he is one of my favourite authors. I got Operation Code-Cracker to read over half-term and here is my review.

Firstly, I love the cover. It's really cool and shows there's going to be lots of action.

The story is very exciting. It's about a boy called Max and a mysterious group who are called the Silver Scorpions. Max ends up being a spy and getting into lots of trouble. Luckily he is really good at solving puzzles and this helps him. One of the things I like about John Townsend is how he puts puzzles and riddles into his books, although there were some in this one that I found too tricky to work out. But I did understand them when I saw the answers!

There is a very good surprise near the end and something happens that you just don't expect. Well I didn't expect it, so I don't think other people will. If you like exciting books full of action and puzzles then you should read this one. It is going in to our school library next week. I think lots of people will defnitely want to borrow it when they read this review.

9.2 out of 10

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