Monday, 29 October 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh Manga

Reviewed by Haiden.
My brother brought Yu-Gi-Oh Volume 1 and The Record Of A Fallen Vampire home from City Academy and he told me to do a review of them on the WEJS bookblog. I started to read a few pages of it, at first I thought it would be a boring manga book, but I was completely wrong. It was an amazing story of Yu-Gi-Oh. After that he showed me The Record Of A Fallen Vampire, I thought the same as the Yu-Gi-Oh book, but I was wrong yet again! It was magnificent once you got into it and hooked into the story.


  1. What other Manga comics would you recommend Haiden? I've only read a few.

  2. I would recormend the ones ive published and Naruto vol 1, Wolverine and Pokemon.The ones ive recormended are the best manga books ive read so far