Saturday, 14 July 2012

A great place to get books (with a fantastic reading list)

Lots of people already know about the Norfolk Children's Book Centre- but lots of people don't! It is a bookshop where you can find pretty much every children's book currently in print (and they have all been read by Marilyn, the boss, so you can always get a first-hand review).

On the website they have got some great book lists if you are ever stuck for something to read (especially with the long summer holldays coming up). You can visit it here. There is a list for 9-12 year olds, a list of sad and emotional books, a list of action and adventure stories and many others (including suggestions for younger brothers and sisters). There's load more on the site, including lots of stuff for parents, so go and have a look. 

I really have to go and finish reading 'Gone'- things are getting very exciting! Unexpected mutations, gang warfare and children having their hands sealed in blocks of concrete to prevent them using their special powers... Learn more about this great series at