Sunday, 9 June 2013

Molly Moon by Georgia Byng

Molly Moon is a great book. It is about a girl called Molly who she goes to see a Japanese band. Molly and her friends, Gerry and Micky, end up meeting them backstage and they all become friends. Hiroyuki, Chokichi and Toka (the members of the band) tell Molly and her friends that they can come back to Japan with them. The next day they all end up travelling there, apart from Micky who chose to stay with his parents. Molly has magic powers and can hypnotise people so she hypnotises the flight manager so they don't have to show their passports. When they got to Japan they met the band members again. Later on in the story, they all have dinner with the band's manager (who doesn't care about the band, just the money). When they had finished there dinner Molly played her mouth organ with the whole restaurant enjoyed it.

Review by Alisha Harris.

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  1. A great review Alisha. I would really like to hear what you thought of the book as well. Why did you enjoy it so much?