Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Walter Tull Scrapbook by Michaela Morgan

Walter Tull Scrapbook is about a man called Walter Tull, who was the first black man to play for Spurs Football team, as well as the first black British officer in the war. 

His mother died two weeks before his 7th birthday. Walter's dad died of a heart attack on 10th December 1897. Walter lived at 51 Walton Street, Hythe, Folkstone, England. Walter Tull had four brothers and one sister. They all went to North Board Black Bull School. It took him 1 minute to walk to school. His brother Eddie took half a minute as he had longer legs.

Walter's dad came from Barbados. When he traveled to England on a ship, he was a ship's carpenter. After Walter's mum died, his dad married again and Walter had a stepmother. They had a baby girl called Miriam.

This book was brilliant to read and I learned so much from it. He was a very brave man and a real hero.

Reviewed by Olivia R.

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  1. I think it is really sad that he died when he was so young, during the First World War. He never really got a chance to fulfil his footballing potential.