Thursday, 27 March 2014

The 13th Fairy by Kaye Umansky

The 13th Fairy is an amazing story and I would recommend it  to everyone.

The blurb says:
Meet Grimbleshanks, the 13th Fairy. She's mad. Hopping mad. Everyone else is invited to the royal christening- but not Grimbleshanks. Oh no, she would lower the tone. And so Grimbleshanks plans a little curse for the new baby...

I like this book because there are loads of surprises and I like how someone has to try and stop the fairy's curse. I think that boys and girls would like this book because it is exciting and funny. My favourite part was when the fairy put the curse on. The next book I will read by Kaye Umansky is The Queen's tale because it looks great.

Review by Gemma, 4JB.


  1. Ace review Gemma. I love books about fairies.

  2. I've read this book and I liked it too. Thank you for writing it Gemma. Will you write a review of The Queen's Tale too?